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My name is Mike Gadd. I’m a 54 year old teacher from the North West of England and I own a Kindle, a birthday present from my wife Joanna last October.

Since I became a Kindle owner, I’ve spent quite a bit of time scouring the web for information to help me make the most of my new ereader. There is a ton of information out there, some of it quite confusing as it only refers to earlier editions of the Kindle, whereas I am focusing on the Kindle 3 in this blog.


I love my Kindle; I’ve used it constantly in the two months since I’ve had it: on the bus, train and plane, at work, in the gym, on the beach and in the bath. Even with a case, it still fits in my coat pocket and I take it everywhere with me.  My wife borrows it sometimes as well (I’ve bought her one for Christmas, but don’t tell her).


I wanted to write the sort of resource I was looking for in October-a personal guide to buying accessories for the Kindle and a list of ‘tips and tricks’ to make the Kindle even more of a useful device than it already is. So I’ll be posting any news and tips I find over the coming months and hopefully if you are reading this blog and know of something interesting which other Kindle users would find useful, you could share it by posting a comment on the blog or emailing me directly.

All the best,