Kindle Review

As promised in my last post, I’m starting a review of all the flavours of Kindles currently available, to help me decide which model I will go for to replace my recently deceased one.
So here we go with today’s review of the Kindle, the entry level device of the moment.


Priced at £69 in the UK, this 6″, Wi-Fi* enabled Kindle weighs less than 170 grammes, has improved, no-glare readability and can store 1,400 books. What more could you want in an eBook reader? My wife Jo has owned one for a couple of months, so I asked her for a review: “When I first got it, I didn’t like the fact that both sides have page turning buttons, but I’m used to it now”, she said. Any other downsides? “Well, it doesn’t come with a power adaptor, a bit of a ‘batteries not included’ moment. However, the lead that is included will let you power the Kindle up from your laptop and many mobile phone power leads will also work with it.” What do you like about it then? “Well, the obvious things.”

Let’s face it, £69 is not a lot to pay for a device that fits in your pocket and can go with you anywhere. So why didn’t I just buy one then? Well, because there is something even better on the horizon…. More tomorrow: we’re off to Scarborough to see the grandchildren-counting my son and daughter-in-law there will be 5 Kindle owners in the house, the exception being me!

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