Kindle Keyboard gift bundle review

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the new Kindle Keyboard (Kindle 3) owner, you could do worse than considering this special offer from amazon. The bundle includes a faux-leather case, a rubber ‘skin’, a pack of screen protectors, a clip-on reading light and a car charger.

So let’s look at the contents one by one:

The Case


The faux-leather case in black looks good, is well-made, sturdy and serviceable. The Kindle just slips in to the elasticated supports which hold it in firmly. The case doesn’t add much to the Kindle’s weight and the front section folds all the way back for easy reading. A definite thumbs up, considering the cost of some cases you see advertised on their own.


The Sleeve

The rubber sleeve slips easily over the Kindle leaving the back fully covered-apart from some cut-outs for the speakers-but with the screen and the keyboard exposed. It has a good, non-slip, lightweight feel to it and makes the Kindle easy to hold and read. As I downloaded a book last night to my Kindle which my wife Jo also wants to read, she’s currently sitting on the sofa reading as I write this review and she has chosen to put the skin on, rather than the cover. I think it would be perfect for beach reading, where you want an element of water protection.



The Light


A lightweight, clip-on reading light is included in the bundle ( but not the batteries needed to power it unfortunately) and it does the job well enough. Not something I would see myself using much but it does solve the problem of reading in low light situations: in bed, on the plane etc. Jo has just clipped it on my Kindle and switched it on, so she obviously likes it!

Screen Protectors


The pack of stick-on plastic screen protectors included is the least successful part of the bundle for me. Although they are quite easy to stick down and smooth out, it makes the screen far too shiny and reflective, so I took it off…

Car Charger


Charges your Kindle, in the car. And it fits my phone.


At the price, this Gearzap gift bundle is excellent value for money. The Kindle Keyboard cover and sleeve would be worth the price on their own; the light and charger are nice extras, but the screen protectors don’t work for me.